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Announcement by the Cyprus Statistical Service

Registered Unemployed – June 2024

The unemployed persons, registered at the District Labour Offices on the last day of June 2024, reached 10.112 persons. Based on the seasonally adjusted data that show the trend of unemployment, the number of registered unemployed for June 2024 increased to 10.959 persons in comparison to 10.839 in the previous month. 

Wholesale and Retail Trade Survey – 2022

According to the results of the Wholesale and Retail Trade Survey, the main aggregates of the trade sector in 2022 registered a positive growth rate compared to 2021.

In particular, turnover in the broad trade sector increased in 2022 by 20,7% to €17.618,2 million compared to €14.598,3 million in 2021. At division level, in wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles turnover increased by 17,9% to €1.220,9 million, in wholesale trade by 28,7% to €9.073,0 million and in retail trade by 12,5% to €7.324,3 million.