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New RIF Funding Programme to accelerate innovation in the energy sector

We would like to inform you that the Research & Innovation Foundation (RIF) has announced the new funding programme “Commercial Exploration of Industrial Application of Technology/Knowledge – Energy” with a budget of €1.6 million, which aims to accelerate innovation in the energy sector.

The main objective of the new programme is to evolve solutions from pilot application to commercial readiness, while contributing to intensify R&D activities to upgrade and optimise solutions/technologies already developed in this field.

The ultimate objective is to improve the performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of existing and/or new technologies – while ensuring their viability (including environmental sustainability) – for widespread adoption in mainly industrial and commercial applications, as well as for integration into the grid.

Through the Programme, companies will have the opportunity to identify the potential of a technology / know-how for commercial industrial application, which will address challenges facing the energy production, storage, transmission and distribution sectors.

The maximum funding per project is €200,000 and interested parties can find more information on the Foundation’s website. Proposals can be submitted via the IRIS portal and the deadline is 25 October 2024.

For further information, interested parties can contact the RIF’s Partner Service Centre at: 22205000 or by email at

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