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About CCCI

The promotion of the interests of the members is among the set of priorities of the CCCI and in this framework the Chamber prepares specialised plans and undertakes relevant activities either at its own initiative or following relevant requests by the members themselves.

Most effective and result oriented is the activity of the CCCI in guiding the members about actions to which they must proceed for handling their problems. Of decisive importance for the content of the guiding programmes for the members during the period under review were again the needs arising from the economic crisis, the limited availability of cash, the deteriorating recession and in general all the relevant negative effects of the crisis on business activity.

The programmes of the CCCI cover the whole range of interests of the members both in the local market as well in Europe and the rest of the world. The relevant programmes are prepared in conformity with what is dictated by developments in the economic and business activity as well with a long term prospect and on the basis of the more general business targets. The CCCI is in constant touch with the members both individually and collectively through the Professional Associations which are operating under the CCCI aegis and with which joint action is promoted serving the interests of the various business groups.