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Public Relations, Promotion and Communications Office

Public Relations, Promotion and Communications Office

The responsibility for the communication of the Chamber with the Mass Media lies with the Public Relations, Communication, and Promotion Office of CCCI, aiming for the immediate and timely promotion of the positions and activities of the Chamber.

Mass Media play a crucial role in highlighting the hard work undertaken by the Organization as a Social partner in Cyprus. In this capacity, CCCI participates alongside Trade Unions and the Government in various tripartite cooperation committees in Cyprus, covering a wide range of economic and social issues communicated and highlighted in the Mass Media daily.

Among other duties, the office is responsible for drafting press releases and announcements on various current issues, sending them to the Mass Media and coordinating interviews with local and foreign Mass Media. It closely collaborates with all departments of CCCI to promote their announcements and activities, as well as those of the Business Associations operating under the auspices of CCCI, towards the Mass Media.

It organizes and coordinates the Annual General Meeting of the Chamber and also contributes to the organization and coordination of conferences and events held by CCCI.

Simultaneously, it manages the Public Relations of the Organization with delegations and official visitors from other countries within the framework of business missions and forums.

Social Media

CCCI is actively involved in the realm of social media. Specifically, through the corporate pages of the Chamber on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, interested users can constantly stay informed about announcements, circulars, missions, seminars, and the actions of the Chamber.

Through the dedicated YouTube account of CCCI, members can watch public statements by Chamber executives on television channels and stay informed about CCCI’s positions on various issues.

The information for the business community is now more direct, accurate, and efficient.

CCCI WEBSITE – Electronic Newsletter

Through the Chamber’s website, the role of the Organization and the services it offers, the activities of its departments, European Programs and Networks, and the International Organizations in which it participates are showcased.

Member updates are provided through informative circulars covering legislation, announcements, seminars, missions in Cyprus and abroad, events organized by the Organization, and many other useful pieces of information relevant to its members. Circulars are translated into English for the better and seamless information of the Organization’s members.

The website is updated in real-time with new announcements and circulars for better and more immediate member information. Additionally, CCCI members receive the daily informative newsletter “CCCI Latest Updates,” categorizing announcements of the day.

Staff of the Department
Niovi Parisinou, PR Executive Officer

Contacts details of the Department
Tel: +357 22 889710
Fax: +357 22 665685