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Professional Associations by the Department of Industrial Development, Innovation & Environment

Name Contact PersonTelephone E-mail
Association of Biscuit, Chocolate, Snack and Sugar Confectionery ManufacturersMichalis
Association of Manufacturers of Paints, Varnishes and Adhesive SubstancesKypros
Association of Cartridges and Pellets ManufacturersMichalis
Association of Prefabricated Products of ConcreteKypros Antoniou

Cyprus Aerosol, Detergents and Cosmetics Manufacturers AssociationMichalis
Cyprus Association of Frozen Foods ManufacturersKypros

Cyprus Association of Incubators EnterprisesAndreas Andreou
Cyprus Association of Industrial AreasAndreas Andreou
Cyprus Association of Industrialized Packing of Agricultural Products and SaltKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Feedstuffs, Additives and Raw MaterialsKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Association of Ready – Made Concrete ManufacturersKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Association of Tissue Paper ConvertersMichalis Koullouros
Cyprus Association of Water BottlersKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Bakers AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Breweries AssociationMichalis Koullouros
Cyprus Brick and Tile Manufacturers AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Canners and Fruit Juice Manufacturers AssociationMichalis Koullouros
Cyprus Crush Plants AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Dairy Products Manufacturers AssociationAndreas Andreou
Cyprus Federation of Professional and Craft ConfectionersMichalis Koullouros
Cyprus Flour Manufacturers AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Ice-Cream Manufacturers AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Macaroni Manufacturers AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Meat Products AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Olive Mills Owners AssociationAndreas Andreou
Cyprus Pharmaceutical Manufacturers AssociationAndreas Andreou
Cyprus Plastics Processors AssociationMichalis Koullouros
Cyprus Poultry Breeders AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Recyclers AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Sea Farming AssociationKypros Antoniou
Cyprus Swimming Pools AssociationAndreas Andreou
Cyprus Union of Furniture Makers and CarpentersAndreas Andreou
Cyprus Water – Treatment Companies AssociationKypros Antoniou
Feedstuf Mills AssociationKypros
Pancyprian Association of Biogas-Energy ProducersKypros Antoniou
Pancyprian Association of Dry Nut ProcessorsAndreas Andreou