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Department of Industrial Development, Innovation & Environment

The Department of Industrial Development, Innovation & Environment, was set up with the intension to give support to the crucial area of manufacturing.   Over the years the departments’ role and functions have steadily grown.  Today, the department not only gives support to the Chambers’ members but also acts as a facilitator of entrepreneurship, productivity, technology, innovation, environmental issues and contributes towards enhancing competitiveness of the domestic manufacturing industry.  Moreover, the department is engaging with all competent authorities for the development of measures for the growth of the industrial sector, keeping in mind the business community priorities.  It also monitors the growth and development in certain key industrial areas and promotes policy amendments to address the emerging concerns.  Furthermore, it provides secretariat services and support to a number of professional industry associations and represents the Chamber at several committees, organisations, ministries and other authorities.

 The role and functions of the Department of Industrial Development, Innovation & Environment include:

  • Represent, support and promote the industry sector.
  • Formulates and promotes specific opinions as well as making interventions towards competent authorities for the benefit of its members.
  • Observes the latest developments in the field of industry and tries to minimise their disadvantages.
  • Systematically informs its members about developments in legislation and business issues.
  • Provides information and counseling services to its member companies.
  • Cooperates with European and International organisations in order to promote the interests of Cypriot companies.
  • Promotes research and innovation activities/issues and helps Cypriot companies to adopt them.
  • Encourages the Cyprus business community to adapt to environmental policies, EU directives and legislation as well promoting circular economy.
  • Helps small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to meet the requirements of today’s competitive environment.

Staff of the Department:

Andreas Andreou, Director
Michalis Koullouros, Officer
Kypros Antoniou, Officer
Mariyianna Trichina, Administrative Personnel

Contact details of the Department:

Tel: +357 22889860
Fax: +357 22665685