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Certificates of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is an important international trade document that certifies that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. They declare the ‘nationality’ of the product and also serve as a declaration by the exporter to satisfy customs or trade requirements.

According to the Commercial and Industrial Chambers Law of  1968 (Law 56(I)/1968)Article 6, of the Republic of Cyprus, The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry – CCCI is the only authorised body  to issue Certificates of Origin – COs.

As part of the digitalization of its services and its commitment to provide quality and timely services to its members, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry developed an online platform where companies can apply for a Certificate of Origin electronically from their premises without having to visit the Local Chambers. The platform can be access by clicking here

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a private corporate body functioning under special law and is financially independent, free of any influence by the state. The Chamber is funded by its members’ subscription fees and through income generated from a number of services it provides.

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