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AI ABEL 2024 Artificial Intelligence Application in Business and Everyday Life

We would like to inform you that the Enterprise Europe Network Warsaw, Poland, in cooperation with the Digital Economy Lab of the University of Warsaw, are organising an event with informative workshops and business meetings on the topic of Artificial Intelligence Application in Business and Everyday Life.

The event will take place entirely online from 10 to 14 June 2024.

This event is dedicated to companies, technology centres, research groups, institutions, or individuals active or interested in developing in the field of AI.

The primary objective of this event is to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations between stakeholders in the field of AI, fostering a dynamic innovation ecosystem. Bringing together industry experts, businesses and researchers, it aims to explore the multifaceted applications of AI in both business operations and everyday life, paving the way for meaningful growth.

The informative workshops aim to explore the applications of AI both in business and in everyday life. To view the programme in detail and to register, click HERE.

Interested parties wishing to have business meetings are invited to register HERE by filling in their details.
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