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CCCI Mediation Service

CCCI Mediation Service – a fast and inexpensive dispute resolution method

Are you interested in resolving a dispute out of court? Is your dispute suitable to be resolved using Mediation? The CCCI provides its Mediation service to all interested parties, member and non-member enterprises of CCCI. We work with trained and qualified Mediators registered with the National Register of Mediators held at the Republic of Cyprus Ministry of Justice & Public Order under the Law No. 159(I) of 2012.

Mediation is a structured process whereby two or more parties to a dispute attempt by themselves, on a voluntary basis, to reach an agreement on the settlement of their dispute with the assistance of a mediator. In the case of Cyprus, the mediation process may be initiated by the parties or suggested by the court.

Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral mediator who is trained to help people discuss their differences. Mediation leaves the decision power totally and strictly with the parties. The mediator does not decide who is right or wrong or issue a decision. Instead, the mediator helps the parties work out their own solutions to problems, acts as a catalyst between opposing interests attempting to bring them together by defining issues and eliminating obstacles to communication, while moderating and guiding the process to avoid confrontation and ill will.

One of the greatest benefits of mediation is that it allows people to resolve the dispute in a friendly way and in ways that meet their own unique needs, thus resulting in a WIN-WIN situation but also in preserving RELATIONSHIPS. Also, a dispute can be resolved faster through mediation than litigation. Mediation is fair, efficient and can help the parties avoid a lengthy investigation and litigation, thus reducing costs considerably as well.

Are you interested in becoming a Mediator? The CCCI offers a 40-hour training seminar, as well as top-up seminars, approved by the Republic of Cyprus Ministry of Justice & Public Order. They are interactive seminars comprising both theory and practical skills necessary for a Mediator, including a number of role plays. If you would like to be informed about the next Mediation training to be organised by the CCCI, please contact us.

The Republic of Cyprus law on certain aspects of Mediation was enacted in November 2012 – Law to provide on certain aspects of Mediation in Civil Matters, L. 159(I)/2012. The Law concerns both domestic as well as cross-border mediation cases, whereas it mainly describes the mediation process, the National Register of Mediators, the role and duties of the mediator including the initial training requirements for mediators and the continuance of their training, conclusion of an agreement or no agreement and enforceability of an agreement. The Law is available in Greek and in English.