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Control of Outbound Investments

The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry informs us that within the framework of the EU strategy for economic security, a Commission Expert Group on controlling outbound investments from the EU to third countries has been established and meets in Brussels.

The Group aims to investigate the possible adoption of measures to control outbound investments in high-tech sectors, which, if carried out freely, may become detrimental to the economic security of the EU. In particular, the need to control artificial intelligence, software, quantum computers, semiconductors, biotechnology, and technologies that can be used for both civil and military use, is first examined. It is also being examined whether the possible controls will concern investments intended for specific countries, such as China.

It is noted that the European Commission is seeking views on its proposal for targeted identification and analysis of selected outbound investments from the EU, to determine the nature and extent of the risks associated with such investments and the need for measures. The public consultation requested by the Commission will contribute to a specific decision that may be binding on the Member States.

Those wishing to participate in the consultation can do so via the following link:

PDF Circular – Control of Outbound Investments