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Cyprus BarCoding Service – GS1

GS1BanThe GS1 Cyprus, is a member of GS1 and responsible for the promotion and administration of the GS1 System in Cyprus.  The GS1 System is a set of standards that facilitate business transactions and electronic commerce processes, aiming to improve supply chain management by reducing costs and adding value to both goods and services.

The GS1 System is a multi industry system that provides a global language to manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers by means of accurate data capture and transfer of product and services data that guarantee efficient trade between trading partners all over the world.

As a member of GS1 our role is:

•To promote and explain the proper use of the GS1 standards to all Cyprus based companies.
•To allocate and administer GS1 numbers to Cyprus companies.
•To take care of the needs and requests of  Cyprus companies regarding the implementation of the  GS1 System and collaborate with GS1 for  providing proper solutions.
•To provide technical specifications and guidelines for the correct use of the GS1 System.

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