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The general objective of the DIGITAL SOCIAL PARTNERS - DIGISOC project is to build and strengthen the capacity of national social partners from 7 countries and to promote social dialogue through digitalisation, specifically following the Covid crisis. This capacity refers to both strengthening the relationship between the national social partners with their members and monitoring and promoting the social dialogue at national and European level. Specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Improving the quality of the social dialogue and of the Framework Agreement Digitalisation implementation in all the 7 countries represented by the consortium (Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, Cyprus, Italy, Romania), through 7 dedicated seminars in each country, which will have a total number of at least 320 participants (30-50 participants/partner).

  2. Creating one digital tool for social partners - an online platform that will monitor the social dialogue at national level in all 7 countries involved in the project, but also at European level, giving input/analyses on the European semester and European legislation

  3. Strengthening the capacity of the national social partners to enrich the European and National social dialog, through training sessions that will involve 40 people (5 persons/partner) - representatives of the members of the consortium The consortium for the DIGISOC project consists of 8 partners (beneficiaries) coming from 7 EU countries representing employers’ organisations and one associated partner – SMEUNITED. The eight partners will benefit directly from the DIGISOC project as the project will build and strengthen their capacity to engage in national and European social dialogue.
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October 2022 – October 2025


Total project budget €602,448.52              
EU Contribution €572,322.00

Co-funded by

Social Prerogatives and Specific Competencies Lines (SOCPL), SOCPL-2021-SOC-DIALOG-01 - Support for social dialogue

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