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Microelectronics is the most rapidly developing science representing the ground of the e-economy and e-society and the continuous training is crucial. In nano-era integrated approach is needed - new partnership between education and work to address the need of synergy between the education and industry, to foster the development of competencies, technological and soft skills for the new jobs in microelectronics. ECoVEM project brings together VET centres, polytechnics, industrial associations, social partners to establish European Cooperation platform of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics to tackle the challenges of: digitalisation, artificial intelligence, green technologies, gender equality and technology, integration of migrants.

ECoVEM builds on and complements the strengths of national VET systems in countries with more-advanced VET and supports the not so advanced regions to achieve VET excellence. ECoVEM  implements innovative instructional approaches towards life-long capacity to self-regulate learning, hard skills and soft skills using the ecosystems-based theoretical models and performance support systems.

ECoVEM  contributes to the sustainable VET governance at national and EU levels through involvement of policy makers in VET and employment, social partners, industrial associations and companies for:

  • lifelong teacher training and stimuli for raised teacher’s qualification
  • implementing the advanced countries’ best practices and approaches to excellence in VET into less advanced regions
  • efficient financial models for VET including work-based and apprenticeship and for investment in VET and applied research
  • rising the role of VET in Smart Specialisation Strategies.

ECoVEM embodies excellence in VET with 21 partners from 7 countries representing CoVEs for EQF 3-8, industry with national and EU industry associations, regulatory bodies in accreditation and certification and social organisations of women in technology and immigrants.

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VOCATIONAL EDUCATION IN MICROELECTRONICS - Empowering the future of technology


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