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Accompanying SMEs in implementing energy efficiency measures.

Project in brief

In the industrial and service sector, recommendations from energy performance certificates and audits are often not implemented, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, and investments in energy efficiency and behavioral changes fail to materialise. The main reasons for this are the lack of human, know-how and financial resources.

The Energy Efficiency for SMEs (EE4SMEs) project, funded by the European Union's LIFE programme, aims to remedy this situation. The aim of the project is to increase the implementation of energy efficiency measures, whereby best practices from larger companies are first examined for their transfer to SMEs. In order to be able to provide advice and support in the most targeted way possible, the project is limited to three sectors: food production, metal processing and the hotel and catering industry. The focus is not only on the technical aspects but also on financing and applying for funding.

In concrete terms, the project offers corresponding workshops on further training for SMEs and accompanies them in the audit process and/or in the implementation of energy efficiency measures.  In addition, comprehensive information and tools are offered on a knowledge platform for energy efficiency in companies, which includes descriptions, best practices and presentations on various technical measures, as well as a self-assessment tool and a financing and monitoring section. In addition, the platform offers learning quizzes including evaluations and other possibilities for employee motivation in order to strengthen team competence.

The project is a cooperation of 23 partners in 10 European countries and is managed by EUROCHAMBERS, the European umbrella organisation of chambers of commerce and industry.

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November 2022 – October 2025


Total Project budget: €1,841,420.78
EU Contribution €1,749,337.70

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