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European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2024

The Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry has announced the launch of the National Competition for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2024. The institution’s main objective is to create a greater awareness of the role of entrepreneurship and showcase best practices and successful initiatives in the participating countries. There are 6 categories within the awards:

  1. Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit
  2. Investing in entrepreneurial skills
  3. Supporting the digital transition
  4. Improving the business environment and supporting the internationalization of business
  5. Supporting the sustainable transition
  6. Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship

Interested parties may submit their application no later than Saturday 15 June 2024. The Ministry’s announcement and the Application Form are attached below.

For further information, please contact the Ministry’s Competent Officer, Ms. Maria Christina Chamberlain, at 22867266

PDF Circular – European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2024