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Funding Scheme for Creation, Modernization and Digital Transformation of Processing and/or Trading Companies of Agricultural Products

With an announcement, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry invites applications to be submitted in the context of its 2nd Call for Proposals for the Funding Scheme for the Establishment, Modernization, and Digital Transformation of Enterprises engaged in Manufacturing and Trading of Agricultural Products.
As a result of savings from the 1st Call of the Plan, the total amount to be allocated will amount to at least €3 million, to which any other savings from the completion of the implementation of the 1st Call, will be added.

Applications will be accepted only through the Ministry’s electronic Funding Scheme System, at, using Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers, until May 31, 2024, at 11.59 pm or until the available budget is exhausted. It is clarified that due to the additional savings expected from the 1st Call, applications for a total budget of €7 million will be accepted, however, the maximum amount of approvals will not exceed the available budget of the Funding Scheme. The order of priority will be determined based on the order of submission of proposals (direct evaluation).

The Scheme aims to support existing and new SMEs, as defined in Annex I to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which are or will be active in the manufacturing and/or trading of agricultural products. Activities related to the fisheries and aquaculture sectors, wines, and wine vinegar listed in Part II of Annex VII of the Regulation (EU) 1308/2013, are not covered by the Scheme.

You can see the Ministry’s announcement by clicking here. For more information, interested parties may contact the competent Officers at telephone numbers 22867275/ 22867279/ 22867243/ 22867154/ 22867388.

PDF Circular – Funding Scheme – Modernization and Digital Transformation – Agricultural