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In line with the European framework for a' twin transition', it is important to take actions that support a sustainable digital transformation, both in terms of climate neutrality and Europe’s digital sovereignty. The new approach that this project adopts refers to the monitoring, assessment, and promotion of TWIN investmentsThe digital transformation is not promoted in isolation but is seen under the lens of green development. Within this twin transition policy framework, the main objective of the project is to promote the adoption of an integrated approach and framework for the creation of combined green and digital transformation initiatives at the national and transnational level, that will lead to a ‘greener’ functioning of digital infrastructures using data centers. 

The main output of the project is the creation of an overall framework for monitoring, assessment, measurement & accreditation of green-digital initiatives & a pilot demonstration of measurable environmental /energy efficiency gains for different types of environmental resources using green-digital infrastructures, contributing to the integrated-horizontal (twin) objectives of the Project. This will be achieved through:

  1. An Observatory for the assessment of the energy efficiency of the digital processing and digital infrastructures of various sectors of economic activity. 
  2. Comparative assessment of the measurements recorded in the participating countries. 
  3. Creation of Action Plan towards Green Digitalization (green digitalization roadmap). 
  4. Pilot applications enabling the ‘greening’ of selected digital transformation initiatives and assessment of their environmental footprint. 

The project results in the creation of a long-term cooperation structure and capacity building measures for promoting the greening of digital investments. This is primarily achieved through the establishment of the Barometer as a Permanent monitoring mechanism. The Program recognizes the need for a balanced development, where amongst others environmental protection, resources’ efficiency and economic growth will be sought in parallel. Digital transformation as a main driver of economic development for the modern economy is seen under the lens of environmental protection. On the level of institutional capacity building and culture, the project results in the creation of a ‘twin transition’ culture supported by the necessary skills and in fostering for innovative environmental management approaches. The academic program, green-digital certificate and competency framework and best practice tools established by the project contribute towards that aim.

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October 2021- September 2023


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