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Humanitarian Corridor AMALTHEA

We would like to inform you that during a meeting between the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with representatives of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus, an update was provided on the operation of the Humanitarian Corridor and the possibility of purchasing Cypriot products to meet specific needs in Gaza.

In this context, we were informed about the establishment of a Special Fund, the AMALTHEA Fund. This fund receives monetary contributions ONLY from States and, through approved procedures, will commission UN organizations (such as the UN World Food Program) to purchase various products from international markets. It will also ask any interested parties to express their interest through the Treasury of the Republic for the purchase of goods from the domestic market for shipment to Gaza.

Due to the unique conditions prevailing in Gaza, the products of interest to the Fund in the initial phase include:

  • Food and mainly dried food (e.g., canned goods, pulses, flour, pasta, nuts, coffee, and generally products that can be stored without refrigeration – not fresh items like halloumi, fish, charcuterie, and no pork).
  • Household articles: (Mattresses, pillows, sheets, face, and bath towels, etc.).
  • Tents: (Without metal poles).

The range of goods may be expanded at a later stage to include other items, such as medicines.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CCCI intend to explore the possibilities of purchasing the products mentioned above from Cypriot Industries. This approach aims to generate multiple benefits for the Cypriot economy while ensuring that the supply adequacy and prices in the domestic market, particularly for Cypriot consumers, are not adversely affected.
To assess the potential of securing such products from Cyprus, please complete the attached “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM” by clicking HERE and providing some basic information.
For further information, you may contact Mr. Michalis Koullouros at 22889703 or via email at

PDF Circular – Humanitarian Corridor AMALTHEA