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I-STARS Grants for Tourism Businesses extension 06 December 2023

“I-STARS Grants scheme for Tourism businesses offered by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry”
Grant amount: €5,600, 100% funded, NOT included under the de-minimis rule

Following strong interest from the tourism industry, the application date under the I-STARS grant scheme has been extended until Wednesday, December 6, 2023, at 6 pm Cyprus time.

The grant concerns up to €5,600 per company, 100% funded, while IT DOES NOT fall under the de-minimis regulation.

The adoption of sustainable practices by tourism businesses certainly has many benefits, both for the businesses themselves and for the destinations in which they operate. Some of the main benefits include:

1. Attracting High-Quality Tourists: Travelers interested in sustainability are likely to choose destinations and businesses that adopt sustainable practices, boosting the destination’s economy.
2. Better Performance and Competitiveness: Sustainable operation can lead to greater efficiency and profits as businesses reduce operating costs and attract more responsible tourists.
3. Improving the Image of Business: Tourism businesses operating in the light of sustainability enhance their image in the eyes of consumers, who are increasingly aware of environmental and social responsibility issues.
4. Minimum Environmental Impact: Sustainable practices reduce the impact of tourism activities on the environment, such as energy saving, sustainable waste management, and preservation of natural infrastructure.
5. Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility: Tourism businesses that adopt sustainable practices contribute to society and local communities, offering benefits such as employment, education, and support to local projects.

Submit your application and benefit from a range of services from the CCCI’s specialized sustainability consultants:

✓ Sustainability certifications (EU Ecolabel, Travelife, etc.)
✓ Sustainability strategies & implementation of measures (energy audits, (food) waste audits, water use, CSR, carbon management plan, sustainability data disclosure actions, etc.)
✓ Purchase of tools/technological solutions to monitor and improve sustainability performance
✓ Organisation Environmental Footprint Assessment – OEF
✓ Participation in sustainability education & training programs

Find more information and how to apply in the circular below:

Circular PDF – ISTARS Grants for Tourism Businesses extension 06 December 2023