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Island Sustainable Tourism Action through Resilient SMEs

Island Sustainable Tourism Action through Resilient SMEs

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Project in brief

The covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedent socio-economic impacts, while Tourism was one of the hardest hit economic sectors. There are clear indications that global tourism is picking up again, while it is now evident more than ever that in a post pandemic world, island tourism should not follow the ‘business as usual’ paradigm, but rather the pandemic should lead to a more responsible and sustainable type of tourism.

The EU co-funded project entitled Island Sustainable Tourism Action through Resilient SMEs (I-STARS) is all about helping tourism enterprises based on islands take their transformation journey down the 2030 road to recovery and sustainability. To this end, tourism SMEs from the islands of Greece, Ireland, Italy (Sicily) and Spain (Mallorca), will be boosted in as far as their development and capacity in the area of sustainable innovations is concerned. This will be achieved through a capacity building program tailored for island tourism SMEs, as well as through a subgrant scheme.

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January 2023 – December 2025


Total project budget €1,255,481.87        
EU Contribution €1,199,933.6

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