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Other Publications

The Chamber is the sole official distributor in Cyprus of the periodical publications of the Publications Office of the European Union (Publications Office) on a subscription basis.

The Chamber also offers for sale all the publications of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) which cover issues of international trade, transport, business law, banking, insurance, e.t.c. These publications are unique in their kind and constitute a valuable aid for businesspeople, bankers, advocates, legal advisors, researchers, trainers and consultants.

The publications of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), ex GATT, are also available through the Chamber which is the official distributor for these publications. They cover inter – alia annual economic reports and reports on world trade, international trade statistics, legal texts, agreements, market research reports, e.t.c. The library of the CCCI has been appointed by WTO as a depository library for its publications in Cyprus, with the aim of achieving maximum exposure for the publications in question.

Officially distributed by the Chamber in Cyprus, are also the United Nations Publications covering various sectors of economic, legal, environmental, political and social sciences content.

The Chamber is the official representative in Cyprus of the publishing house Euroconfidentiel, one of the biggest publishers in Europe, specialising in directories and indices concerning organisations and bodies of the European Union.

Last but not least, the CCCI is the official distributor of John Wiley & Sons publications in Cyprus. This publishing house is internationally acknowledged for its rich publishing activity in fields such as the European Union, law, management, accounting, computers, the Internet, environmental issues, business strategy, medicine, psychology, mathematics and much more.

Publication Office
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Publications of the United Nations (UN)
The CCCI is the official distributor of the publications of the United Nations in Cyprus.
Publications of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
Publications of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
The Cyprus National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce