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Problem Solving And Conflict Management Through Emotional Intelligence


Seminar Hours: 08:45 – 17:00

Conducting Language: English
Discussions and interventions can also be done in the Greek language.

Trainer: Amandina Vernescu

The program is addressed to: Directors, department heads in companies, administrative officers, scientific staff, and office managers who supervise staff.

Main topics to be covered:

-What is conflict?
-What are the sources of conflict?
-Difference between Emotional VS Rational responses to conflict
-Examples and tendencies of manifestation of Emotional & Rational responses at different times
-Consequences of each response and effect on team dynamics
-Thought process & behaviour process analysis
-Co-existence of contradictory characteristics in the same individual/Manifestation times and situations
-Embracing conflict as a source of transformation & growth Categorization of types of conflict & conflict behaviour styles
-Consequences of each type of Conflict?
-Conflict behaviour style influence on innovativeness in a team
-The 5 conflict management styles based on two dimensions
-Using EQ in resolving conflict & building emotional bonds
-How does Cognitive Conflict in Design Teams support the development of creative ideas?
-Dealing with barriers to creativity & conflict management – Difficult character types and handling solutions
-Problem solving – The SCAMPER Method: Substitute – Combine – Adapt – Modify – -Put to another use – Eliminate – Reverse

PDF – Problem Solving And Conflict Management Through Emotional Intelligence