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Own Publications

Reliable and up – to – date information, on a wide range of business – related issues is provided through the Chamber’s own publications. These publications include the monthly newspaper “Emporoviomichaniki”, which contains inter – alia a large number of trade enquiries, co – operation offers and tenders, the three specialised directories on Services, Exports and Imports that include the names and addresses of all the CCCI members classified in accordance with their specific business activities, as well as a range of other publications dealing with issues such as the Harmonisation of the economic and business sector of Cyprus with the acquis communautaire, the euro, labour relations and legislation, state aid policy and its effects on the business sector, exports, business subsidy schemes, e.t.c.

Moreover, the Chamber publishes a large number of booklets, leaflets and pamphlets which provide information about its structure and the various services it provides to the business people and to the public at large.

Listed below are the CCCI’s Publications that are available in electronic format and can be downloaded from this website.

CYPRUS – The South Eastern outpost of the Eupropean Union
The South Eastern outpost of the European Union
A Service Centre to the World
CYPRUS The Road Ahead
English Version Cyprus-july13
CYPRUS The Road Ahead
Russian Version
Cyprus The Road Ahead (RUSSIAN) July 2013