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  • European Projects

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  • Mediation

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  • Training Programmes

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Training Activities

The intense training activity of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry covers every year a wide spectrum of business – related issues. Among others training programmes are organised in the following areas:

* Management * Sales

* Marketing * International Commercial Terms

* Taxation * Business Law Issues

* European Union Issues * Quality Systems (ISO 9000,TQM etc)

* Environment * Office Practice

* Labour Relations * Purchasing and Storekeeping

The basic aim of the programmes is always to satisfy specific training needs of the business community which are ascertained through research conducted among the member – enterprises but also through the close monitoring of the developments and changes in the economic, legal and business environment both in Cyprus and abroad.

All the programmes are conducted by Cypriot or foreign instructors who have extensive experience and knowledge in the specific topics but also more generally in the field of training / education.

To ensure the success of the programmes, all modern training approaches are used such as multimedia projections, case studies, examples from real «business life», discussion, e.t.c.

The continuous adaptation of the programmes based on the developments and needs that arise but also the significant experience of the specialised training department of the CCCI, guarantees the provision of modern and effective training.

The Chamber co – operates closely in the organisation of the programmes with the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus, the Local Chambers but also others where this is considered necessary.

For more information but also for complete lists and brochures of the programmes that are organised as well as participation forms, interested parties are requested to contact the Training Department of the CCCI at tel. no. 22889840.


  • Computer Exams

Contact: Christos Tanteles, Tel: 22 889715, Email:

Professional Examinations

In 1995 the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry introduced its professional examinations that aim at certifying levels of knowledge in various business – related subjects.

The aim of the CCCI is to contribute to the offering to Cypriot enterprises of properly trained staff, to the upgrading of the quality of the manpower in our country, to the increase of the employment prospects of the youth of our country and to the satisfaction of specific needs of Cypriot Enterprises and Organisations on the basis of the Cypriot particularities and priorities.

From 2003 the new automated examination system covers the following subjects:

1. Wordprocessing

2. Spreadsheet

3. Presentations

4. Databases

5. Use of Internet and Electronic Communication

6. Computer Essentials

7. Computer Fundamentals

The Chamber exams are addressed to both working people as well as to students and are recognised for recruitment purposes by thousands of enterprises in Cyprus, including banking and semi – state organisations, large enterprises, insurance companies, e.t.c.

It is indicatively mentioned that to date more than 10,000 candidates have taken the CCCI examinations, while the number of training institutions that prepare students for the CCCI exams has exceeded 100.

For more information, interested parties are requested to contact the Examinations Service of the CCCI at tel. no. 22889840.

  • Enterprise Europe Network

Contact: Stalo Demosthenous, Tel: 22 889752, Email: