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Technology-Enhanced Career Management Skills - TechCMS

Project in brief

The main aim of the Technology-Enhanced Career Management Skills - TechCMS project is to develop and deliver an innovative Virtual Career Guidance and Learning Centre and an on-line Self-Assessment Tool, in order to enhance the capacity of careers workers, through training, to provide CMS guidance to individuals and empower the latter’s CMS through the use of technology.

TechCMS develops innovative career guidance services and innovative tools for career management for individuals, through the delivery of an innovative Virtual Career Guidance and Learning Centre and an on-line Self-Assessment Tool, of the TechCMS Catalogue and Learning Model and training material to be utilized in the delivery of capacity-building training for careers professionals and by the provision of career guidance and learning services to individuals. 

The TechCMS project fully addresses the three priorities defined by the New Skills Agenda, in response to the contemporary challenges of improving skills acquisition and development, reducing skills mismatches, and embracing the digital transformation of the economy: 

  1. Improving the quality and relevance of skills formation, through the enhancement of technology-enhanced CMS skills, the quality and relevance of which is widely acknowledged by relevant research and policy in national and EU levels;
  2. Making skills and qualifications more visible and comparable, though the development of theTechCMS Catalogue and Learning Model;
  3. Improving skills intelligence and information for better career choices, though the development of the TechCMS Virtual Career Guidance & Learning Centre and the  TechCMS Self-Assessment Tool, the TechCMS Training for professionals, and the TechCMS Guidance & Learning Services Provision for individuals. 
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