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Announcement by the Cyprus Statistical Service

Monthly Economic Indicators: January-February 2024

The Statistical Service announces the publication of the bimonthly bulletin «Monthly Economic Indicators» for the period January – February 2024. The bulletin includes the most important short-term economic indicators for the Cyprus Economy, for the latest months up to February 2024, as well as comparative data for the last four years, which were available until the 11th of April 2024.


The Manufacturing sector during the month January 2024, recorded an increase of 3,2% compared to January 2023.     

The total area of Building Permits Authorized reached 198,2 thousand square metres during the month January 2024, recording a decrease of 2,4% compared to the corresponding month of the previous year.       

The total registrations of Motor Vehicles increased by 45,0%, reaching to 8.589 during the period January-February 2024. Private saloon cars increased to 6.325, recording a rise of 50,1% and light goods vehicles increased to 765 recording a rise of 62,8% compared to January-February 2023.

The Consumer Price Index increased by 1,8% during the period January-February 2024, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

The total Imports of Goods reached €1.698,4 mn during the period January–February 2024, recording a decrease of 32,2% and total Exports of Goods reached €554,1 mn, recording a decrease of 3,8%.

The Arrivals of Tourists totaled 212.995 during the period January-February 2024, compared to 209.630 in the corresponding period of 2023, recording an increase of 1,6%.

More statistics are available in the Monthly Economic Indicators bulletin, available in electronic form on the online portal of the Statistical Service.

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