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Cleaning of Plots in Industrial Areas

We would like to inform you that the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry (MECI) will take all the necessary steps to carry out the cleaning of weeds and other objects from all public places of the Industrial Areas within the next few weeks. This does not exempt renters from keeping their premises in good and clean condition.

During the recent visits of the Competent Officers of MECI, it was noticed that in a large number of plots and buildings there are exposed useless and bulky objects (including cars and their parts), while there is also wild vegetation both outside and around the leased properties/plots, as well as in the public places of the Industrial Areas.

According to specific terms of the lease agreements you signed with the Ministry, you have the obligation to keep your premises in good sanitary condition and at the same time keep the empty space of your leased property clean. Please note that in the event of a fire, due to your failure to comply with your obligations under the contract, you will bear full responsibility.

In view of the above, please proceed immediately to the cleaning and removal of wild vegetation, dirt and useless objects that may be in the open space and/or on the perimeter of your premises.
The aim is the timely response to the risk of causing or spreading fires, primarily to safeguard your property but also to maintain order within the Industrial Areas.

Cleaning of Plots in Industrial Areas