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Professional Associations

More than 146 Professional Associations operate under the umbrella of the CCCI, covering the whole range of Cypriot economy and constituting an integral part of the CCCI’s operation.

They play a particularly important role in shaping the CCCI’s policy, particularly on issues of specialised interest.

The Associations, supported by the CCCI when necessary, continued to successfully promote their members’ positions, views and interests and enjoyed full recognition by the state, which is proven by their participation in parliamentary committees, working groups, technical and advisory committees and other organisations and institutions.

The CCCI’s Supreme Advisory Body is made up of the totality of the Professional Associations operating under its umbrella and holds meetings when it is necessary to take decisions on issues of major importance.

In the context of its support of the smooth operation of the Associations, the CCCI offers them secretarial and specialised services.

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Department of Industrial Development, Innovation & Environment
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Certificates of Origin Service
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