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Tax Department – Announcement

This is the weekly information bulletin, with comprehensive briefing in matters of direct and indirect taxation. Due to the pandemic, certain relevant government decisions are also included, where applicable. The links will be valid until 25/06/2023.
This briefing is provided in collaboration with Positive Veritas, the search engine for Cyprus Tax. With over 12 sources of information, 500 categories and AI search that understands meaning and concepts, Veritas helps you answer tax questions 10x faster. CCCI members can claim a FREE 30-day trial by visiting 

1. Tax Department announcement regarding the Additional Yield Rates on 10-year government bonds on December 31, 2022, 2021 and 2020 (ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΣΗ 23/05/2023).

2. Publication of a new judgement of the Supreme Court of Cyprus, was published on 25/04/2023, regarding the criminal appeal 62/2020, between Commissioner of Taxation and XXX.

3. Publication of a new judgement of the Administrative Court, was published on 05/05/2023, regarding the case 1231/2016, between 1. XXX 2. XXX and Republic of Cyprus through Ministry of Finance and Commissioner of Taxation.

KEBE Tax Update to 260523