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The Implementation of Deposit Return System (DRS) in Cyprus

The Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment, in the context of the potential implementation of a Deposit Return System (DRS) for packaging and packaging waste in Cyprus, is organizing a presentation on the subject on Monday, June 12th, 2023, at 8:30 a.m. in the ground floor hall of the Ministry of Finance in Nicosia.

The presentation is organized on the occasion of:

  1. The new proposal of the European Commission Regulations amending the basic Directive on packaging and packaging waste, which includes provisions for the mandatory implementation of deposit return systems.
  2. the draft Regulations on Packaging and Packaging Waste (Deposit Return System) that were put up for Public Consultation in 2021. Numerous comments and suggestions have been submitted and collected for this particular draft, which will be presented for further discussion.
  3. Additionally, the seminar will feature best practices and successful examples of the implementation of deposit return systems in other member states that have contributed to increasing recycling targets.

The program of the event is attached. Working language will be Greek and English.
Interested participants are kindly requested to confirm their participation through the following link:

Deposit Return System (DRS) 1 JUNE 2023