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Mediterranean Bee Hubs

Mediterranean Bee Hubs in support for sustainable economic prosperity in deprived rural areas

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Project in brief

The general objective of MedBEESinessHubs is to support the economies of deprived rural communities in the Mediterranean regions of Cyprus, Egypt, Italy Lebanon and Palestine.

Through coaching and capacity building in technical and business-oriented subjects, as well as through the provision of sub-grants, this project will attempt to provide new jobs through the setting up of micro-SMEs, bee-businesses, that can create value from honeybee products by adding their individual art of craft and design. MedBEESinessHubs will assist them in teaming up with local authorities in order to turn their region into a honeybee comb, made up of a cluster of microSMEs in the honey-BEESiness in each region while building sustainable tourism destinations in that process.

The project will then enable them to establish their beehive, the MedBEESinessHubs, where cross pollination will begin, and cross-border cooperation will be achieved among regional stakeholders and microSMEs in the honeybee handicraft clusters.

And of course, throughout this attempt, the MedBEESinessHubs project will help the endangered honeybee survive and continue giving food and life on earth.


September 2021 – August 2023


Total project budget €1,110,609.71       
EU Contribution €999,548.74

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